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Beelits can handle any event type for selling tickets. Do you have club nights or concerts with or without seating plan? You can sell your tickets through us with ease. And we wont take a cut on ticket sales, we’ll only add a % booking fee depending on the customers payment type.

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Already have an event and own ticket gateway, but want to add your event to our website? Just drop us an e-mail at for review and we’ll add your event to our website! We also offer e-mail newsletters to promote your event if needed.

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Are you planning to host an event but need professional help regarding: location, music equipment, DJ/Artist, ticketing, promotion please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have vast experience managing events in the Netherlands and United Kingdom.

iOS/Android Ticket Scanning

Our tickets can be easily scanned through any iOS or Android device at the entrance of your event. If there is no 3G/4G connectivity available at your location the tickets can be scanned (offline + laptop) with a barcode scanner!

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