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Persianality Presents XXL NOWROOZ CONCERT

Arash and Kamran & Hooman Live in Vienna

Finally, after years of waiting, Vienna’s biggest Nowrooz concert, on Sunday 1st April 2018.

Arash the first Persian artist to successfully journey across the globe and make his music known internationally, as well as bringing all nations together as he grew more famous and successful.

Arash became a hit in the music industry back in 2004 with the song ‘Boro boro’
making it to number 1 in Sweden, and rising high in neighbouring country’s
respectful charts. He was a breath of fresh air to many communities all over the
world until his debut album called ‘Arash’ blew away fans all over the world. Arash’s
album consisted of many great singles recognized across multiple borders, despite
the songs being in Farsi; he gained recognition across Europe, America and The Middle East.

In 2009 Arash took part in Euro Vision Song Contest alongside Aysel with a song
called ‘Always’ representing Azerbaijan and won 3rd in place the finals, which was yet
another chart success across Europe.

Arash’s follow up albums ‘Donya’ and ‘Superman’ propelled him into new heights.
Since then he has released singles and albums with many headline worldwide artists
such as Shaggy, Snoop dog, T- Pain and Sean Paul.

Kamran & Hooman
Two brothers that started their music career in the Persian market with The Black Cats back in 1999. Their first album was released, as part of The Black Cats was the hugely successful ‘Cinderella’ album, which was followed up by another yet very successful album in 2003, with The Black Cats titled the ‘Pop Father’.

Following their success with The Black Cats, they parted company with the former band members and became ‘Kamran & Hooman’ duo band, and in 2005 they released their first album titled ‘20’. What an album that was, almost every Persian household had a copy of the album and whenever you entered a Persian establishment, more often than not you would hear the album being played. This was followed by a further three successful albums which established as genuine music stars within the Persian communities worldwide.

Their stage presence, are undoubtedly one of a kind and one of the most energetic performances within the Persian music industry. We are honoured to announce that Arash and Kamran & Hooman are going to bring the roof down, performing live on stage, on Sunday 1st April 2018 at Vienna Wiener Stadhalle.

Organised by Persianality Clubbing.

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Event Sponsored by Vienna Marriott Hotel

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