Moein Live In Vienna
The “Eternal Voice Of Love” is coming to Vienna and we are really excited about this concert.
Moein started his career in 1973 and his first studio album ‘Miparastam’ was released in
1983. But it was his 1986 Song ‘Yeki Ra Doost Midaram’ that caught everyone attention in
Iran and propelled him on to his path of super stardom. Over the following years Moein
went on to release 19 studio albums.

Many of his songs live in the hearts of almost every Persian. Song like ‘Ye Halgheye Talaei’
which is a song that is played without doubt at every Persian wedding/engagement party, it
has almost become tradition for this song to be played.
Moein has over the years kept his original fans and gained new fans along the way. The
Voice of Moein is certainly a voice for many generations and many more to come.
He has over recent year released Singles but his last album was ‘Tolou which was released
back in 2007, a new album is well over due but one that if released we would expect it to be
another hit album from the maestro.

Hi latest single ‘Khoone Arezoo’ has been very well received and we sure can’t wait for the
live performance in Vienna.
Ticket for Moein Live in Vienna is available from Beelits.com