Leila Forouhar Live In Concert

By far one of the most successful Persian artists, she started her career in the entertainment
industry at the tender age of 3. The child star found her way into the audience’s heart with
her acting in 1968 hit movie, ‘Sultan E Ghalbha’ which she also sang along with Aref as part
of the sound track for the movie. She went on to act in 47 movies from 1965-1979.
Leila Forouhar also known as the Queen of the Stage ‘Malakeh Sahneha’ has truly earned
her title. Since releasing her first songs back in 1974 she has gone on to release more than
20 albums and to perform on many stages across the world. Her presence on stage is
captivating. Her fan base is more than just Iranian, she popular across central Asia and
Middle-East and her performances and shows in the region have certainly shown that.
At Beelits.com we are very proud to be part of her European tour.

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